My apologies

If only I had realized how bad the mixture of 18 students, lesson plans, public transportation, more malls than I count using my fingers on one hand, teammates, planning cultural activities, eating meals, devotions, teaching, traveling, and sightseeing are for blogging. So I must make my apologies and my promises for updates once I get home.

Just a quick update: As I write this, I am sitting at Starbucks in the airport. We leave in less than a half hour for Cambodia. Teaching was fabulous, although not without its rough spots. I received a grade from my student, A-, since it was my first time teaching. Not bad, I figured. I will add pictures once I get home as well.

Keep me in your thoughts this week as I go on to Cambodia. Some of it is going to be very difficult to process after spending so much time in a materialistic and wealthy place (Hong Kong is so well-off). Also, there are some spots we are visiting that will be difficult to see since they deal with the Khmer Rouge, Pohl Pot (sp?) regime. (One school turned prison/torture chamber and possibly the killing fields). That will be around Wednesday. Also Cambodia is possibly 2nd only to Tailand for sex slavery and prostitution. The culture shock could be very difficult. Please keep my team in your thoughts and ask that we might be protected from the darkness around us… that our eyes will be open and our hearts prepared to hear and feel what He has for us there.

Much love,


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